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Succulent Grilled Shrimp
The best grilled chicken ever
Welcome to Miners Mix.

You've hit paydirt! This be the Mother Lode of the gourmet barbecue seasoning trail and there ain't need to go further!

We're fond of the tall tale that these all natural gourmet spice blends come from Joshua Shelby hisself, one of the thousands of 49ers who headed out west to California to seek fortune.
The seasoning blends were crafted through years of cookin' for hungry miners who would just as soon string you up from the nearest tree if the garlic cheese bread, Mexican chorizo, or steak dry rub didn't hold up to their standards.

Mosey on into our store and have a look at our unique gourmet spice blends and
other products.
Every blend is 100% natural, low in salt, and contains no flavor enhancers of any kind. The recipes are ours alone and can be found nowhere else. Oh, and while in that there store, don't forget to order several packs of that Goldanged garlic cheese bread spread that makes the best homemade garlic bread you'll ever put into your mouth.