A different brand of grilled mushrooms
Miners Mix was founded in early 2009 by Kit and Dave, both of whom are KCBS-certified competition BBQ judges. Our families are exceedingly fortunate to live right on the doorstep of Yosemite National Park, in the little community of Mariposa. Mariposa was the very first county formed in California and is quiet, and rural and, best of all devoid of traffic signals! Mariposa County lies in the heart of the California gold country and old mines and mining traces are common, even within the town of Mariposa.
Miners Mix reflects those old-time days with products that actually could have been produced way back then, before the advent of food chemistry that gave to us artificial ingredients, colors, and flavor enhancers. The spice and seasoning blends are our own recipes. They are all 100% natural and represent the end result of decades of standing over charcoal grills tending all kinds of meats, in all kinds of weather, be it wind, rain or snow and sometimes all three simultaneously.
All of us at Miners Mix are committed to bettering our world and local
community. Kit and Dave are active in a wide variety of service organizations and the company freely donates products to many local fundraisers. As our business grows, we plan to greatly increase our commitment to our community. With your support, we'll be able to give back lots more in the future, and make a real difference, not only in our local community but also to our global community.
Thank you for supporting Miners Mix, and if you have any recipes or suggestions using Miners Mix, we'd love to hear from you!