Making a Miners Mix Fattie!
Make a bacon weave by laying out parallel strips of bacon, side by side with the sides touching, until the width is equal to the length of a strip of bacon. Remove every other piece of bacon. Then lay a strip of bacon perpendicular on top of the remaining strips, along one edge of the bacon weave. Replace the removed bacon strips back into their original positions, so that one end of each strip is now on top of the perpendicular strip and the alternate strips are under the perpendicular strip. Bacon strips that are under the perpendicular strip should now be folded over the perpendicular strip. Place another strip closely parallel to the perpendicular strip and unfold the strips of bacon so that the layers now alternate under and over. Repeat the process until you have woven the entire square of bacon, alternating over and under. If you're thoroughly confused, then just visit this link: to see how the entire process is done. What he fails to show you on the video is to make the weave on a piece of plastic wrap because it's MUCH easier to roll up when the fattie is finished.
Once your weave is done, you can choose to fill it with sausage, meat loaf or anything under the sun (HINT: Plain 'ol Kraft Mac and Cheese is pretty tasty as a filling to make the ultimate in comfort food. It gets no more comfortable than bacon and mac and cheese). However, for a really wonderful fattie, here's the Miners Mix version:

Slice boned chicken breast to about ¼" in thickness, then marinate in the ranch dressing and Kit's K.C. Rub for a few hours. You can use boned chicken thighs as well, but will probably need to pound them to get them thin enough. While the chicken is marinating, mix up some Stove Top stuffing, but leave out the margarine and omit some of the water to make it a little dryer than normal. Once the dressing is cool enough to handle, begin making your deluxe, Miners Mix fattie. Sprinkle the bacon weave fairly liberally with the Kit's K.C. Rub and then begin arranging the thin chicken slices so that gaps are minimized. Cover the whole bacon weave with a thin layer of chicken, if possible. You can be quite liberal with the leftover marinade. Next, spread a thin layer of the stuffing over the chicken, you want it to be less than 1", about 1/2 - 3/4"is fine. Finally, roll the fattie up onto itself like a jelly roll, using the plastic wrap to help roll it. Once it's rolled up, you can wrap it tightly with that plastic wrap and place it in the fridge for an hour or more for everything to solidify and make it easier to handle and to grill.

Prepare the grill or smoker. If using a grill, use indirect heat. Place a drip pan under the fattie to catch all that bacon grease. Grill or bake in the smoker on low heat for 45 min to an hour until done. The fattie is going to be fragile while on the grill, but there should be no reason to have to turn it while cooking. Moniter internal temperature, and when it reaches 160°, it's ready. It's important to let it cool for 10 minutes or so to make slicing easier.