Blend Miners Mix Salmon Marinade according to package directions. Prepare grill/smoker to maintain about 350 degrees. When the grill/smoker is ready, marinate your fresh salmon, tuna or other fish for ONLY 10-15 minutes. Save remaining marinade for basting. Place fish directly on the grill (please don't use aluminum foil; you might just as well cook the fish in a frying pan on the stove), if it's a fillet with skin, place skin side down. The olive oil in the marinade is important to keep the fish from sticking to the grill. Cook for about 7 minutes or so, and with two spatulas under each end of fish, flip/roll fish over GENTLY. Skin will remove easily from the partially cooked fish, if desired. Baste fish with marinade (marinade contains a lot of olive oil, be careful of flare ups!) After 10-15 minutes, roll fish over gently with 2 spatulas and baste other side. Cook until desired doneness and enjoy!
Grilled Salmon (or other fish)