Grilled Tri Tip with Roasted Peppers and Onions Sandwich
May 29, 2013 · by Jennifer @ Peanut Butter and Peppers · 5 Comments

Hi Everyone,
I have been on a BBQ'ing kick lately and I just love it! Nothing beats summer BBQ's. I don't care if you have a charcoal grill or gas grill, it's all amazing!! I love the smell of burgers cooking, hot dogs, chicken and even veggies. But I have to admit the best smell is steak. Mmmm, love my grilled steak. I don't eat it to often, but when I do, it's gotta be good!! So good that you can get two meals out of it without a lot of effort, well today is one of those days and I have two meals with basically one prep!

The other day I received a wonderful package from my Friends over at Miners Mix. They sent me a kaboodle of rubs and spices to use on my grilled goods. They even sent me two, not even released rubs, which is hotBanero and Fire in the Hole. The Fire in the Hole Pepper, he wrote -Careful!- on the label. I am intrigued by that one, I like it hot, but how hot is it? I honestly don't know yet, because I haven't tried it, but you better believe I will! Dave over at Miners Mix said this about The Fire in the Hole rub, "In fact, we have a T-shirt coming out promoting that rub with the phrase "Yep, Yer Rectum DOES Have Taste Buds" I just about cracked up! I thought it was so funny that I had to call my Husband to tell him. He was laughing! Now I can't wait to try it!!!! Ummmm, well, maybe I won't? Ok, you know I will!! Believe me, after my Husband, you will be next to know how I liked it and how hot it is!

But since I am making dinner for my Husband and I, and I know he doesn't like spicy so I went with Miners Mix Original Steak Seasoning & Rub. The spice smells good, I can smell chili powder and garlic, but it wasn't a hot spicy smell. I bought a 1.81 pound Tri Tip Roast and the night before grilling I rubbed the Steak Seasoning all over my meat and placed it in the fridge. The next day when I took it out, it smelled amazing!! Yah, baby, time to grill my big bad boy up!!!

The two meals that came out of this amazing grilled tri tip steak with a side of roasted peppers and onions is of course the steak plain, which is the way my Husband likes it and then their is the Jennifer way which is on a sandwich! You know I love my sandwiches. I have been so good at not eating bread the past week, that I treat myself once a week to an amazing sandwich, and yes this is an amazing sandwich! Amazing!!!! Sorry that is the only word I can think of!

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Susan Disney:

We live in South Philly, garlic bread is a staple of dinner around here, how could this spread be better than what we're used to? My husband said and I quote "This is the best garlic bread I've ever had!" It was perfect, it was just the right amounts of everything, the garlic weren't over bearing and harsh like it can be and the overall taste was just off the hook. All you do is mix 1 cup of mayo with the entire contents of the mix bag and spread on bread and toast. It couldn't have been easier! And my husband was correct in his assessment it really was fantastic and could and should be served in all 600 million Italian restaurants in Philly!

Lastly, I used the Maynard's Memphis BBQ rub on a steak, something I wasn't too sure how to cook; we eat chicken mostly and only eat steak out so this was something out of my comfort zone. I rubbed the rub all over the steak trying to get a nice even coating and proceeded to cook it……The steak was a huge hit; the flavor of the rub was so good that you will ruin the taste by adding anything like steak sauce to it, eat it as is and you will enjoy it!

These rubs are different from what you'll find in stores, the smell of these spices and rubs is staggeringly good, you can smell them though the package and it's intoxicating. Miners Mix is a big hit in my house and will be in yours too!

I had a chance to sample Maynard's Memphis BBQ Rub and Seasoning, which is Gluten Free and packaged in a 6oz shaker. The blend itself is a warm honey color with plenty of gritty texture and varying spices to evenly coat through the easy shake top. I had elected to transfer this as a dry rub, marinading a Round roast for 24 hours, then basted with Miner's Mix BBQ Sauce (Dry Mix), roasted in the Crock Pot for 6 hours. The result was a slightly sweet, and amazingly savory tender roast. The outside surface had actually allowed for an impressive amount of flavor permeation, while still creating a wonderful dry glaze. Another night I dug into Miner's Mix OMGarlic Seasoning, in a similar manner with a Shoulder Roast. Dusting a little atop the final hour of cooking, then sprinkling some on buttered bread made for a flavorful and simple meal the hubby loved.
What Daughter Says: Don't compromise flavor for time, try the natural blends of Miner's Mix seasonings and marinades!

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Valley Bargain Babe

Fresno Food Expo - My Three Favorite Things
#1 Miners Mix -
Miners Mix was a HUGE hit at the show! They were showcasing their garlic cheese bread spread. OMgoodness it was AMAZING, I mean AMAZING! Even Tommy Tran from ABC 30 could not resist a 2nd helping.

Besides this product reminding me of a good home cooked meal, Miners Mix Garlic Cheese Spread has two other amazing attributes. Low in sodium and very simple to make. Being a bit of a sodium nut, I shy away from a lot of seasonings because of their high levels of sodium. Not this product, one serving is only 23 mg of sodium per serving! This product is also glueten free and love that it says "if it didn't exist in 1850, it ain't in here!" LOVE IT!

To make this delicious treat you mix a cup of mayonnaise with the seasonings, spread on sough dough bread and toast. I am going to try if I can use Greek yogurt instead of the mayo. Easy enough? I cannot want to try all their other seasonings!

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Fresno Bee March 13 2012
Last week, visitors to the Fresno Food Expo indulged in garlic cheese bread, peach Bellini cocktails and fig-balsamic jam -- all of it made by local companies.
There's not room to include every product, but here are a few highlights of the food show and where you can get them.
-- OMGarlic! Cheese Bread Spread, made by Mariposa-based Miners Mix.
The spread used to have a more ordinary name, but so many people said "Oh my God" when they tried it they changed the name, said Dave Mandeville, who co-owns the company, which also makes meat rubs and a bean dip. The spread has a kick that is unlike other ones you've tasted.

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Subject: Great rub
Message: I'm a gas grill rep for some of the best grills in the industry. I demonstrate all over the west coast on how my grills work every weekend. I only use Miner's mix on the food I cook. It could be Memphis Pork loin, chipotle baby backs. Or OMGarlic tri- tip's They always get great reviews. Thank you for making a great product

John ~ Sizzle King~ Ruloph

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Two Classy Chicks Review May 29th, 2013 | Author: Chris

'I live in what is called the Valley of California and the Gateway to Yosemite. As you drive up the road to the Entrance of Yosemite, you will pass through an old mining town from the gold rush days called Mariposa. Mariposa is a gorgeous small town that attracts a lot of tourists that are compelled to stop on their way to Yosemite. I, too, love to visit Mariposa and we often head up for a family day out, visiting small local businesses. I was excited to find a delicious business that is based there with ties all the way back to the old mining days of old with their all natural gourmet BBQ mixes and blends of seasonings. I was thrilled when they said they would love to have some reviewed. I am pleased to introduce you to Miners Mix.

Miners Mix creates and offers unique, gourmet dry seasoning blends, dry rubs, and marinades for meats and more. These gourmet spice blends were crafted through years of cooking for hungry miners who would pay for a good home cooked meal. The blends come from an old miner that hung up his gold pan and went back to his roots of cooking for the miners. The recipes and an old cast iron skillet were found in an old cave in a Sierra Gold Country mountain and the recipes have been carefully adapted for today. A few weeks ago, I took a trip to a wine festival and met the owners of Miners Mix to sample some of their products and to pick up some items for review. It was a busy day and their booth was swamped because of the goodness of the products they were sampling. Their display of products was impressive and I was excited to get home and fire up the grill to try out their Maynards Memphis BBQ Rub, Original Steak Rub and their famous OMGarlic! Cheese Bread Spread.
We had a feast going on and invited a few friends over to spoil a bit! I had some delicious steaks and used the Original Steak Seasoning & Rub to season them up before grilling. The steak rub is a tasty concoction of sugar, salt, chile powder, garlic and other seasonings. It gave the meat a fabulous color and caramelization. It smelled wonderful as I was grilling and I could not wait to tear into it. I am a steak lover so this was right up my alley. I love the taste of the seasoning. It is not overly powerful but adds just the right amount of flavor to take your taste buds from ho-hum to yum! I think there was even a hint of cinnamon in there. Interesting and delicious!
Since we had a crowd of people, I also made some chickens using the Maynard's Memphis BBQ Rub. This was awesome on the chicken! It has sugar, salt, chile powder, garlic, onion and a few other spices to keep you going. The taste of the chicken was fabulous. I love that this rub is neither over powering with one flavor or another. It seems to be beautifully in balance and that really makes a difference in the finished foods.

Along with the meats I made, I made some sourdough bread along with the OMGarlic! Cheese Bread Spread. This is a packet of seasonings that you can mix with mayo and then spread on the bread and bake. It contains Parmesan cheese, parsley and spices. The reaction here was similar to the name of the product - OMG! My son, who loves bread and is a total carb-o-holic had to be restrained darn near or he would have eaten all of the bread and nothing else. LOL Dang kid. This also makes a fabulous dip too or you can use it in other dishes like potatoes and more.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the seasonings and mixes. It was definitely the highlight of the meal! All of the products we sampled were fabulous and I am pleased to know that these products are local and I am thrilled to introduce them to you.
What I love about the Miners Mix products is that there are many different ways to use these seasonings and rubs. If you go to their site, there are suggestions of other uses for the products. I also love that there are no MSG or artificial anything in these products. These are all natural and low in salt; in fact lower in salt than many varieties labeled as Low Salt. I hope that you take the time to check out this fine product line and try some for your BBQ's and cook outs this year. I think you will love them too!'